Step into the world of dukes and duchesses – Ahrensburg stands proud with its Renaissance palace. It is a beauty to behold with its decorated halls, impressive paintings and a landscaped garden created in the English style. It is said there are 365 towers and turrets with golden tips resting on top of the fairy tale palace in Schwerin. Its richly furnished apartments and state rooms are a feast for the eyes. Schloss Ludwigslust is just as magnificent. With its spacious park, an imposing church and other buildings, it forms an artistic late baroque ensemble.

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The palace garden trail

The expansive landscapes of western Mecklenburg are home to palace parks and gardens that lie secluded like islands of the Muses. Garden admirers, culture lovers, cyclists and countryside holidaymakers are warmly invited to discover their beauty along the 250-kilometre ‘Musische Schlossgärten’ palace garden trail. This route connects ten special gardens and parks between the Baltic Sea, Ludwigslust and Lake Schwerin, including the park at Schloss Bothmer. This contains a unique avenue of linden trees that resemble entwined festoons leading over a hill to the main courtyard of the imposing palace.