Lake landscapes

All good things come in threes – the lake landscapes in Holstein Switzerland, the Duchy of Lauenburg and around the City of Schwerin have much in common. They were all formed during the last ice age. They are all home to many attractive historical towns and cities. Idyllic cycling and hiking paths meander through them, leading to bathing beaches and through enchanted forests, green meadows and lovely wooded hills. White sailing boats catch the light on the lakes. Comfortable passenger ships take visitors directly to many of the attractions and hidden bays.

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Picnic and bathing fun

The lake landscapes invite you to dine – on a romantic lakeside bench, on a picnic blanket in the shade of the forest or even in the middle of a cornfield. For those who enjoy eating in the great outdoors, there are plenty of wonderful places for a picnic among nature. And there is always time for a swim in the lake, too.