Hanseatic Cities

Narrow alleyways, Northern German Brick Gothic, marzipan, maritime culture, proud sailors, cosmopolitan ports, salt warehouses and a railway station created by the artist Hundertwasser! These are just some impressions from the Hanseatic cities of Hamburg, Lübeck, Lüneburg, Wismar, Stade, Buxtehude and Uelzen. Wherever you go, winding streets lead you through the old town – and in Lübeck and Wismar you can even enjoy the backdrop of a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Holsten Gate in Lübeck, a landmark of the city known as ‘the Queen of the Hanseatic League’, is a must for any holiday photo album. There is a very special magic in the air of these historical cities when the lights of Christmas markets twinkle above the gabled houses.

>> www.buxtehude.de (in German) • www.hamburg-travel.comwww.luebeck-tourism.de www.lueneburg.info/enwww.stade-tourismus.dewww.uelzen.de www.wismar.de

European Hansemuseum Lübeck

The European Hansemuseum tells the story of the successful and powerful association of merchants and towns in the Hanseatic League in four languages. Modern museum technology presents a fascinating picture of the Hanseatic world. It is exciting to learn how wealth and power were entwined in this famous merchant organisation. Novgorod, Lübeck, Bruges, Bergen and London feature as selected Hanseatic cities in the museum.

>> www.hansemuseum.eu