Altes Land

Apple blossom and Dutch history – the Altes Land has a colourful, maritime character with the Hanseatic cities of Stade and Buxtehude as well as many orchards, green meadows, dykes and canals. It was Dutch settlers who first cultivated the ground. Today, the Altes Land along the Elbe is a true Garden of Eden for fruit: more than 15 million apple, cherry and plum trees come into blossom every year here in Northern Europe’s largest continuous fruit-growing area. The pleasant view from the Elbe embankment includes ships, lighthouses and windmills.

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Fruit farms

In spring, the apple and cherry trees of the Altes Land are in full bloom. A few months later, people can reap the fruits of their labour. At this time of the year, fruit farms tempt passers- by with their red cherries and crisp apples. Farmyard cafes smell of delicious, freshly baked fruit cake, while farm shops sell the season’s first apple juice. Cycle paths lead along the orchards and, depending on your mood, you can stop off for a relaxed picnic on a fruit farm or take a ride on the ‘Apple Crate Express’.